Loopos - the sustainable solution

On an annual basis millions of POS displays are being produced, assembles en delivered. At this moment these displays consist almost always for 100% out of (virgin)  cardboard. For a traditional floordisplay we use an average of 6 to 8 Kg cardboard with an average lifecycle of 3 to 4 weeks. We think there is a better way to promote your products on the shoppingfloor.
With pride we present to you our sustainable solution; LOOPOS! A reusable display that, with a few simple steps you can set up and is also completely customizable to your the corporate identity and branding. All of that with less then 1 Kg of cardboard.
In this way you can let your products stand out in an amazing AND sustainable way on the shopping floors. The reduction in the use of cardboard ensures not only less CO2 emissions but also a reduction in your marketing budget. A win win situation if you ask us!


By using 3 different tray sizes Loopos is a modulair solution so we can provide a sustainable solution for every product! The trays have a strong load-bearing capacity of at least 35Kg per tray. This makes us not only the cheaper and more sustainable solution but also the strongest one!

Below you can find some standard configurations of our Loopos display. Rather have a different setup? Feel free to give us a call (LINK NAAR MAIL AMBER) so we can help out and make your promotions more sustainable with less money!

From left to right – 4 high trays – 4 low trays including sockel – 5 low trays
Reduction on an average is 80% on cardboard (ching ching!) and 70% on CO2 emissions within the supply chain!

Route to market

Loopos is fully implementable your current supply chain. At Dispack we can service you from A to Z. From development of the Loopos display to assembling and filling the display with your goods. Because of our co-operation with our sister company 3PL+ B.V. we can move quickly on the logistics (assembling, filling and transporting) of the displays, if desired ?.