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Point of sale material

From floorstand to samplekit and from giftpack to floorstickers, we make de most striking creations to make sure your product stands out and shines on the shopping floor, fairs of events! Or maybe you wish to let your customers (or customers to be ;) get to know your products (better) and want to give them a ‘can’t forget’ unboxing experience. In all matters, Dispack is your partner!

From concept to delivery, our enthusiastic team stands-by!

The use of point of sale material is an important piece in your in store marketing puzzle. It is also a representation of your marketing campaign.
By making sure you use creative and outstanding designs and solutions we guarantee you will reach your targets on the shopping floor! Let’s discuss together your wishes and goals then our team will make sure to surprise you with fitting ideas regarding budget, material, sustainability and way of delivery.

Can’t wait to share your ideas and have a brainstorm session, we understand! Let’s make sure we make an outstanding plan and contact us. We love to have a cup of coffee together!